“Americans need an organization that will represent their Values while delivering great Value to them every single day; one that can advocate for ordinary Americans who care about the future of this country, and our responsibility to leave it in better condition than we found it for future generations.”

The Honorable Newt Gingrich Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Board Member, AmericaStrong



Our Value Proposition

Premier discount program

Discounts up to 45% from over 300,000 merchants, the kind members use every day. The membership will pay for itself in weeks, not months.

Preferred products and services

Access to great deals negotiated by AmericaStrong, from healthcare insurance to online dating, from emergency roadside assistance to our wine club.


Members will have access to the very best assortment of online games, curated by our AmericaStrong staff.

Information and tools

Members will receive our popular Weekly Feed each and every day, access to the best tools that you use every day, like calorie counters, mortgage calculators, and much, much more.

Political advocacy

With Newt Gingrich on our board, and a team of political advisors that are world class, AmericaStrong will fight for our values on Capitol Hill and in the media each and every day.



Shared Values

1. Limited Government

We believe America is strongest when united around our founding principle of limited government, and that no one knows better how to govern our lives than "we the people."

2. Free Enterprise

We believe in hard work, personal responsibility, and integrity, and that the success of our nation is dependent on a free enterprise system that rewards hard work and excellence.

3. Religious Freedom

We believe in the freedom of all Americans to practice their religion, and face no government interference or intimidation as a result of their beliefs.

4. Fiscal Responsibility

The government should not spend more than it takes in, and lower tax rates are good because they increase American innovation and productivity, unleash job creation, and increase revenue.

5. Strong National Defense

A strong national defense that protects America’s interests at home and abroad is an essential part of liberty, and a necessary purpose of good government.